Saturday, June 2, 2018

Last Week of School

Hello Families and happy June!

I can not believe that we are here already!  I have so enjoyed being a part of your student's life this past year!  What a privilege it has been to watch each and every kiddo grow academically and socially this year.  This class is such a blessing and I know that each student will continue to grow into a wonderful human being.  Thank you for the privilege of joining with you on this journey!

This upcoming week will be fast and furious!  We will be wrapping up our space unit of study, working on a reader's theater in small groups, cleaning, reading, and working on a memory book together.  I will begin sending home projects, journals and art work beginning on Tuesday so that you will not be inundated with papers on the last day of school.

A quick reminder about water day: please have your student wear his/her bathing suit under regular clothes.  There will be a long period where your student will have time to dry off after the water day event.  We will not be taking the time for 30 students to change in our one little bathroom after water day :).  Also, flip flops are NOT ALLOWED for safety reasons.  Please have your student wear water shoes or old tennis shoes.  You might want to have your student sun screened before arriving to school and have your student pack a towel.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

The last day of school is Thursday and it will be a noon dismissal.  I have received more than enough donations to cover the cost of our McDonald's sundaes.  I will give the left over amount to the office to put towards their field trips in second grade. 

Thank you again for the incredible privilege of teaching your student.  Our class blesses me each and every day!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Week of May 29th

Hello Families,

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! I can't believe it is already Memorial Day!  This year has gone by so quickly!  And your student has matured,  excelled and grown so much!  I can't believe this group will be parting in just a few weeks!  It truly has been a remarkable year together!

These next two weeks will go by quickly as we finish up individual assessments and front load second grade concepts such as the spelling of irregular plural nouns, identifying and writing contractions correctly and regrouping in math.  We will also continue our study of space, researching and writing about our findings. 

Upcoming Items to Note

*Friday, June 1st: Root beer float party for students who have turned in the reading log each week, completed, for the month of May

*Tuesday, June 5th: Dance Day

*Wednesday, June 6th: Water Day, between 10:15-11:30.  Please have your student wear his/her swimsuit under regular school clothes or wear old clothes that you don't mind getting scruffed up a bit.  Also, flip flops are NOT allowed for safety reasons.  Please have your student wear water shoes with a strap or old tennis shoes that can get wet.  We will be rotating through several stations with water games as well as a snow cone station.  If you are willing to help rotate a group through the stations or help with set up or clean up please let me know.  Thank you!

**Thursday, last day of school and noon dismissal.  Info regarding our party will go home at the beginning of next week.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!  It has been a true joy and honor to teach your student!

Mrs. Friberg

Friday, May 18, 2018

Week of May 21st

Hello Families and happy weekend!!!

I can't believe that it is already the middle of May!  This year has absolutely flown by!  I just want to reiterate what an absolute joy it has been to teach your student and be a part of his/her little life.  We have quite a unique class, full of kindness, curiosity and care for each other.  They challenge each other, encourage each other and laugh together.  They are such a joy!!!

To fill you in on this upcoming week: we have completed our math assessment and will begin the language portion of their assessments.  I will continue to review challenging concepts from the year as well as begin to front load several 2nd grade skills such as the spelling of irregular plurals and how to use contractions correctly.  In math we will be focusing on 'carrying' or 'regrouping', in an addition problem. (42 + 18).  This is when there are more than 9 ones in the ones place and you have to 'carry' over to the tens place.  The students are excited for the challenge and it has been fun to see their anticipation for the 'hard skills' they will be working on next year.

In science I will be introducing objects in space and students will be identifying planets, stars, meteors and astroids and the cycle of the earth, sun, and moon,

Spelling Word Review: coin, point, spoil, boy, toy, enjoy, draw
Sight Words: here are some words to review that seem to still be a struggle as I have reviewed their sight word assessment data:     here, eight, where, were, could, does, put.  We will be reviewing these 'toughies' in class this week.

Upcoming Events to Note:

*Thursday, May 31st 6:30: Spring Showcase at the State Theater.  First grade will need to arrive by 6:15 in "Sunday Best" clothes or jeans and their Stream shirt.  Please have your student meet me on the left hand side of the auditorium facing the stage.  We will be performing promptly at 6:30 along with kindergarten.  I am looking forward to our students being able to show off their efforts and enjoyment of music!

*Friday, June 1st: Root Beer Floats for students are have been and are turning in their reading log completed each Friday.

*Tuesday, June 5th: Dance Day celebration

*Wednesday, June 6th: Water Day from 10:15-11:30.    Parent help is still needed.  And if you are only available for a little bit, to help set up for example, that would be really amazing.  Please let me know if you are available to help at all.  Thank you!

*Thursday, June 7th: Last Day of school, noon dismissal, more information to come!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Week of May 14th

Hello First Grade Families!

Happy Feather Fiesta Day weekend and Mother's Day!  I'm sure you all have a super busy weekend ahead of you.  I hope you can rest a bit and enjoy the festivities!

This past week was so full of learning new concepts, reviewing past skills and memory making on our field trip.  THANK YOU to all of the chaperones that helped chorale our class through the Chico State campus and lend a hand to our sweet kiddos.  We had such an enjoyable day and I so appreciate all of your help!

This week will be another full week as we begin our end of the year assessments.  The skills I am testing have built upon each other and span the entire year.  Our class will begin with our math assessment in small groups and individually we will be running the end of the year literacy assessments.  Along with testing, we will be reviewing concepts that need a boost as well as frontloading a few second grade skills. 

In science we will be observing our class pet caterpillars as we study the butterfly life cycle and research butterfly facts.

Spelling Words:  rang, sang, fangs, hung, lungs, bring, string, things
Sight Word review: always, been, old, many, any

Items to Note:

*Red Nose Fundraiser:  We are still collecting money towards this fundraiser which will conclude on May 24th.

*Reading Logs:  Wow to all of the students who are consistently reading at home and writing about their reading!  It is making a difference in your student's confidence and literacy!

*WATER BOTTLES:  please send your student to school with a filled water bottle.  Thank you!

*Monday, May 28th:  Memorial Day, no school
*Thursday, May 31st:  Spring Showcase at 6:30 State Theater, more info to come
*Friday, June 1st: Reading Log root beer float celebration
*Tuesday, June 5th:  Dance Day
*Wednesday, June 6th:  Water Day celebration.  We are in need of volunteers from 9:45-11:30 to help set up and run a station involving water.  It is going to be GREAT!!
*Thursday, June 7th: Last Day of school, noon dismissal

Please let me know if you have any questions and happy Mother's Day to you terrific mom's who love and care for and guide your children relentlessly!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Upcoming week of May 7th

Hello Families!

Happy weekend to you and yours!  I don't know about you but our weeks seem to be just flying by quickly!  We had another super week, reviewing, practicing new concepts and working together.  We summed it up today during our Friday Fun Stations where your student began her Eric Carle collage paintings, hands on measurement activities and working with robots in Mr. E's room.  We had a blast today!

This upcoming week we will be reviewing ALL concepts.  In phonics we will continue our work using the aw and au sounds.  And then skills such as using proper nouns correctly, identifying the prefix and suffix of words and how it changes the meaning of the word, using multiple meaning words correctly and using ending punctuation appropriately will be our main focuses.

Similarly in math we will be reviewing ALL concepts from math fact fluency up to 20, place value (finding the numbers in between larger numbers), identifying factions, reading clocks, working with true and false equations and balancing equations as well as solving math word problems.

We will be wrapping up our science unit on insects, specifically researching butterflies and how they are connected with our environment.

Your student will be writing for a 'grade' this week, choosing a narrative topic and using all of the skills I have taught to write a terrific piece on a topic of her choice.

Spelling Words:  pink, think, stink, drink, blank, shrank, trunk
Sight Words: all 150 words already introduced

UPCOMING events to be noted:

*Field Trip to Laxon Theater and Brix 4 Kids this Wednesday.  Parents please have your student wear her red Stream T shirt given out at the beginning of the year.  Also, please have your student pack a healthful lunch.  Water bottles will be provided at the park.  We will leave campus at approximately 8:50 and return at 12:45.  Please let me know if you have any questions

*Reading Log Celebration: for every student who has turned in his/her reading log on time and completed, a root beer float celebration will take place on Friday, June 1st.

*Wednesday, June 6th: Primary Water Day.  Please be thinking about the type of footwear your student will be allowed to wear.  Students are NOT allowed to wear flip flops.  Please have either water shoes or old tennis shoes available for your student to wear that day. More information to come.

*Water Bottles:  Thank you parents for providing a water bottle for your student every day, particularly due to the increased heat.  It is so helpful to have that available.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and enjoy your weekend!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Upcoming Week of April 30th

Hello Families and happy weekend!!

I can't believe it's almost May! This year has flown by!  I am absolutely soaking up these days with our class, with their inquisitive and positive spirits, hard work, and cooperative attitudes.  As a whole, they continue to astound me with their ability to make connections, their stamina and willingness to try new concepts.  They are an exceptional group and it is my joy to be a part of their lives!!!

This upcoming week will be busy as we enter into May with a bang!  In phonics I will be introducing the aw/au sounds, which are often difficult to remember and spell correctly.  We will also be reviewing other tricky vowel diagraphs (oy/oi/ ew/oo, ou/ow) and vowel teams. 

In language arts our class will be practicing using context clues to help define unknown words and aid in reading comprehension.  We are continuing to expand our vocabulary with defining words and their shades of meaning.  We will go back and review roots, prefixes and suffixes, and using proper nouns correctly in our writing.

In math we will continue our work in fractions, identifying and writing fractions, including how to write a whole number (1) as a fraction.  Our class will also be practicing reading charts and answering questions as well as reviewing past number sense and place value questions.

In science we will continue our study of bees and move onto butterflies by the end of the week.  Your student will be connecting their learning in science to their nonfiction writing.

Spelling Words: faster, played, quieter, jumping, reading, highest, smartest, planted, what, here
Sight Words: all words previously introduced

Upcoming Events and Items to Note:
*Wednesday, May 9th:  Field trip to Laxon Theater and Brix 4 Kids.  We will be leaving campus at approximately 8:50 and returning at approximately 12:45pm.  Please send a healthful and energy filled lunch for the day and we will be providing water bottles at the park.  If you have offered to chaperone, I will be sending a more detailed email later this week.

*Week of Monday, May 14th-25th: end of the year assessments.  Please, as far as it is in your control, schedule any appointments for after 2:00 pm during those two weeks.  Thank you!!

*Reading Log Challenge:  Ms. Meyer (second grade teacher) and I are challenging our classes to turn in a completed reading log each week between now and Friday, June 1st.  If your student turns his reading log in, with completed sentences and legible handwriting for each week in May, he will be able to participate in a root beer float party that Friday.  Our little kiddos are ready for the challenge and I believe each student in our class can work towards this goal.

*WATER BOTTLES:  please send a water bottle each day as the temperatures are rising and their little bodies need hydration.

Thank you parents. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns and have a blessed rest of your weekend!

Mrs. Friberg

Friday, April 20, 2018

Upcoming week of April 23rd

Hello Families and happy weekend to you all!

What a gorgeous weekend and an even more fantastic week we have had in first grade!  Your student has worked diligently on their nonfiction story that will be published in our class book, grown in her understanding of shades of synonyms and worked on math word problems.  We ended it today with a spring art project, a stem challenge and robotics with Mr. E.  It was a super week!

This upcoming week we will continue to practice the ou/ow sound in phonics and spelling.  Our language arts will consist vocabulary development using multiple meaning words, the shades of synonyms (tiptoe, walk, stomp or toss, throw, hurl) and beginning to work on using context clues to identify meanings of unknown words in stories.

In math I will be introducing simple fractions and how to identify them in varied shapes.  We will continue to practice addition and subtraction fluency to 20, fact families, place value, and balancing equations.  In addition, we are working hard to prepare for testing which includes solving word problems independently.  Our class is full of math whizzes!

In science, we are continuing our study of bugs, specifically bees and how they help our environment.

Important items to note
*Class book:  Please return the Student Treasures form by this Friday, even if you do not want to order a book.  It helps greatly on my side with inventory.  And, if you are ordering a class book, the money is due this Friday.  Let me know if you have any questions!

*Wednesday, May 9th: Field Trip to Laxon Theater and Brix 4 Kids.  If you are interested in chaperoning this event please let me know by this Friday.  We will be leaving school at approximately 8:45 and seeing a play in Laxon Theater.  After the play we will walk to the park next door for lunch and play time.  We will be boarding the bus at 11:30 to arrive at Brix 4 Kids at 11:45.  Our plan is to leave Brix 4 Kids at 1:15 and return to campus by 1:45.  If you have any questions please email me.

*End of the Year Assessments: May 14th-24th.  I will be doing most of the assessing before lunch.  If your student plans on being out during those dates, please let me know so that I can adjust my testing with your student accordingly.

*Friday, June 1st - Reading Log Celebration:  in effort to prepare for 2nd grade, I am presenting a reading log challenge.  Students that turn in a completed log each week will earn a root beer float on this day.  More information to come.

Tuesday, June 6th: Dance Day
Wednesday, June 7th: Water Day: your student will need to wear water shoes with a back strap or old tennis shoes.  Flip flops are not allowed for safety reasons.  More info regarding this celebration day to come!

That's it!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Friberg